Who Needs an Elevator?

Who needs an elevator? 

  • Those who use wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. 
  • Aging parishioners and guests. As one gets older, long stairways become exhausting and dangerous.
  • Parents with strollers. 
  • Those who are injured. We are all one sprained ankle away from  needing an elevator to participate fully in the life of our church. 

How will we use it? 

An elevator will offer fast, comfortable, safe and dignified access to every part of our building, and make lower level spaces a more realistic option for meetings and gatherings when the Meeting Room is already committed. 

Lower Level: 

We have no good place for private conversation on our main level. When a small group wants to meet and talk, or a family meets with the rector to plan a baptism or funeral, those conversations often take place downstairs because that’s where we have room for comfortable, private conversation. Likewise, the AA group that meets weekly at St. Dunstan’s regularly uses our lower level classrooms for small group conversations. At present, anyone with mobility challenges either simply can’t participate – or faces a grueling climb down our stairs, or around the path that circles our building to the back door.

Choir Loft:

The members of St. Dunstan’s Choir are currently sitting on the main floor,  because of the access challenge presented by the loft stairs. However, some Sundays our seating is pretty full! Whether the choir loft remains primarily as music-making space or becomes additional parish seating, safe and easy access will be essential for full use of that space. 

6205 University Ave., Madison WI