Black Friday Craft-In, Nov. 28, 12 – 4pm

A Free, Drop-In Event for All Ages. Make stuff! Give it away!

IMG_8692On the biggest shopping day of the year, spend some time making, not just buying. At this public event, you can make one or two simple gifts, or learn skills for making gifts at home.

– Crafting stations for kids and adults

– Quick and great-looking make-and-takes

– Middleton Outreach Ministry gift cards

– Techniques and project ideas

– Knitting consultant

– “Free play” crafting area

– Tea and cookies

Questions? Call the church office at (608) 238-2781, or use the “Contact” link at the top of this page.

Here’s a little more about why…

Living in a capitalist society, we get a lot of messages that define us as consumers. But that’s not our only or true identity. As people of faith, we believe we are made in the image of God, and that we find delight and wholeness in the moments when we are doing the things God does. We believe faith communities should be places where people rediscover all our God-given capacities, including the capacity to be creators of beauty. It’s interesting that ‘Maker’ has become the overarching term for crafters, artists, DIY-ers and tinkerers of all sorts, because Dorothy Sayers (the mystery author and theologian) used it in her 1941 book The Mind of the Maker.  She argues that creativity, in the broadest sense, is a fundamental aspect of God – and that our creative impulses are expressions of our inner holiness, the part of us that looks like God. God is a maker, and so are you.

So: Resist the mall. Make stuff. Give it away.