Announcements, January 7


Thorny Theology – Eucharist 101, Sunday, January 10, 9am: This is the first in a series of occasional 9am gatherings to bounce around some of the big difficult ideas and questions of church and faith. This week we’ll focus on the Eucharist. What is it, where does it come from, and what do Episcopalians believe about it? All are welcome!

Sunday School, Sunday, January 10, 10am: This week, our 3-6 year old class will be learning about the story of the Epiphany, while our 7-11 year old class will hear about the baptism of Jesus.

Spirituality of Parenting Lunch, Sunday, January 10, 11:45am: All who seek meaning in the journey of parenthood (at any age or stage) are welcome to come for food and conversation. Child care and a simple meal provided.


Sunday School, Sunday, January 17, 10am: This week, our 3-6 year old class will be learning about Holy Baptism, while our 7-11 year old class digs into the story of the Wedding at Cana.

Rector’s Discretionary Fund Offering, Sunday, January 17: Half the cash in our collection plate, and any designated checks, will go towards the Rector’s Discretionary Fund this day on and on every third Sunday. This fund is a way to quietly help people with direct financial needs, in the parish and the wider community. Thank you for your generosity.

Christian Formation Meeting, Sunday, January 17, 12 noon: If you would like to help plan our ministries and programs that help people learn, reflect, and grow in faith, come along!

Evening Eucharist, Sunday, January 17, 6pm: Join us for a simple service before the week begins. All are welcome.

Younger Adults Meetup at the Vintage, Sunday, January 17, 7pm: The younger adults of St. Dunstan’s are invited to join us for conversation and the beverage of your choice, at the Vintage Brewpub on South Whitney Way. Friends and partners welcome too.

Annual Parish Meeting, Sunday, January 24, 9am: Come to hear parish updates, including the 2016 budget, and help elect our parish leaders. All are welcome to attend!

Youth Lunch & Learn starts Sunday, January 24! Rev. Miranda invites the 10-and-up youth of the parish to meet with her for lunch after church once a month. We’ll dig into faith, Scripture, life, and our questions about all three. We’ll wrap up by 1pm, and we can arrange rides home for the kids if that helps the parents’ schedules.

Epiphany House Blessings: In the season of Epiphany, which this year lasts from January 6 to February 9, there is a long tradition of blessing the homes in which God’s people live, work, and play. In honor of the journey of the Magi to find the Christ Child, we bless each home in the name of those wise and holy men. Would you like your home blessed this Epiphany? Call the church office at 238-2781, and we will work together to schedule times when we can visit to share this lovely traditional rite, honoring the holiness of your homes and inviting God’s continuing presence there.