Annual Meeting 2020: Financial Documents

Our Annual Parish Meeting will be on Sunday, January 19, at 9am. The 2020 parish budget will be presented. To look at the budget and other financial reports, click the link below. You may want to download or print the document to look at it in detail.

Annual Meeting Financials 2020

Some notes on reading these materials…  The middle pages of this document, headed “St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church 2019 Income and Expense Report – 2020 Proposed Budget,” are the annual budget materials and are the most important to review. Here’s a little about how to read them. The column labeled “YTD” is the total actual income or expense for 2019, while the column labeled “Annual Budget” tells you the 2019 budget for each budget line item. Comparing those two columns will give you an idea of how the actual finances of the year played out relative to the budget we adopted last January. The final column, “Proposed 2020 Budget,” is what the Vestry has approved for our 2020 annual parish budget.

Overall, there are three sections to this document:

  1. The balance sheet, an overview of parish assets, funds, and liabilities
  2. The 2019 Income & Expense Report & 2020 Budget
  3. The Designated Funds Report, an overview of some special set-aside and pass-through funds committed for certain purposes. These are separate from the annual budget. This report contains some of the same information as the balance sheet.