Music Ministry Annual Report

A photo of the church music loft, with piano, drums, small hand instruments, and tech equipment.

St. Dunstan’s music ministries includes the choirs (both the children’s and adult’s), and the musician’s collective, a loose conglomeration of musicians (both vocalists and instrumentalists) who do help us sing and play music for service; write special hymn lyrics; compose, transcribe, and engrave psalms, hymns, choral arrangements, and original music; provide special music on- and off-site in collaboration with wider church events; handle music library, technological, and licensing logistics; provide second-adult presences for children’s choir rehearsals; organize fellowship events; publicize off-site music events; and provide financial and material support.

2021 required continued adaptation of our musical activities to meet the challenges of covid-tide. Some highlights of what we accomplished include:

*facilitating psalm refrain and original Alleluia composition projects in Sunday School. (We did the original Alleluias in two parts: 1 and 2. They’re available here, at, and here, at

*adapting musical offerings for 9am and 10am services

*piloting covid-safe musical activities at the 10 am service (e.g., an always-improvised, come-as-you-are, all-ages Orff bell ensemble; improvised congregational rhythm accompaniment on hymns; and a hybrid format approach to choral singing)

*continuing to offer and refine AuDivina, a listening practice using music not typically considered churchy to illuminate a theme. Check out our Courage-themed AuDivina list here, at

*creating several virtual ensembles of varying configurations throughout the year

To all ensemble participants; guest musicians of all stripes; folks who manage the library and technology behind-the-scenes; donors; and the congregation: thank you for your continued support!

Submitted by Deanna Clement