Holy Week 2022

A note about plans in a time of pandemic… It is possible that Covid rates could rise again by Holy Week. In that event, we may take some steps to reduce the risk of in-person gatherings, such as increasing ventilation, limiting singing, encouraging advance sign-up to manage capacity, or even moving services outdoors. We will communicate clearly about any such measures. Please read our weekly Enews and/or check the website for the latest information. Zoom worship will always be an option. 

ALL ZOOM SERVICES will be on our usual Sunday Morning Worship link. Contact the church office ( or 608-238-2781) or subscribe to our weekly Enews to get the links. 


ZOOM WORSHIP, 5 – 6PM: Join from the dinner table! Consider setting your table for a special occasion, with dishes you love, flowers, candles. Have bread and wine or fruit juice on hand. 

IN PERSON WORSHIP, 6:30 – 8PM: This year’s service will include an informal Eucharist (not a full meal, as we have done in the past); an opportunity for foot washing; and stripping of the altar. 

NIGHTWATCH: Keep vigil for an hour,  at home or at church, Thursday evening or Friday morning.  It’s appropriate to pray, sing, read the Bible or spiritual texts, or just sit in silence. Sign up for your chosen hour at this link. 

GOOD FRIDAY,  April 15

ZOOM WORSHIP, 1PM: A Zoom-adapted version of Good Friday worship, with passion Gospel. 

IN PERSON, 12PM and 7PM: We will read the Passion Gospel and pray the special prayers of this day. This liturgy does not include the Eucharist. 

IN PERSON Children’s Stations of the Cross, 4:30PM: A gentle outdoor exploration of the Stations of the Cross, for all ages. 

THE GREAT VIGIL, Saturday, April 16

ZOOM WORSHIP, 6:30 – 7:30: A service of story and song that prepares us for Easter Sunday. You might enjoy gathering by candlelight/dim light, and having bells or noisemakers on hand! 

IN PERSON, 8PM – 9:30PM: We’ll honor the Great Vigil, one of the Church’s most ancient rites, with fire and water, story and song, renewal of baptismal vows and the first Eucharist of Easter.  PLEASE NOTE: This service will BEGIN at the Parish Center, the green building at the end of the parking lot. We will walk to the church midway through the service. 


ZOOM WORSHIP, 9AM: A festive Easter liturgy online!

IN PERSON, 8AM & 10AM: Gather for Easter worship with Eucharist.  All are welcome! We are planning an outdoor reception and an egg hunt after the 10AM service.