Survey Report, August 2022

St. Dunstan’s Parish survey results, June-July 2022

Thanks to all who filled out our survey about your experiences of church and Covid over the past two years! We got 50 responses. Here are some general findings and patterns. 

  • The pandemic has been very very hard – but in different ways for different people. 
  • It looks like Zoom worship is here to stay for the foreseeable future. People really appreciate having both in-person and Zoom options. (Though we got hints hat people can sometimes feel a little jealous of the other service. Trust us: both Zoom and in-person worship are getting all the time, attention and resources we can give!) 
  • We now have somewhat separate Zoom and in-person congregations, as we used to have 8AM & 10AM congregations. 
  • A lot of people want interaction. They may miss friends; they may just want to feel integrated and connected, or see what the other group is up to. We’ll be keeping an eye out and doing some experiments with gatherings and opportunities that can bring together folks from the Zoom/in-person congregations, in the months ahead. Your ideas are welcome too!
  • Isolation has been tough, for lots of people. Building space to reconnect is important. Several people mentioned feeling like they had lost social skills due to the pandemic. Perhaps some lightly-structured social gatherings, like craft groups, book groups, simple service projects, game nights, etc., would be helpful doorways back into community. 
  • About returning to in-person worship: 11 people said they were uncomfortable returning to in-person church because of Covid risks; 4 people said they don’t want to return because they don’t want to wear masks at church. We still have a continuum of views and risk tolerances among our members. Your parish leaders are trying to hold the best balance we can, and maintain options that allow people to participate in many different ways. 
  • Music feels less important than before the pandemic to some, and more so to others. Same with Eucharist. Same with the building. Overall: Connection and participation remain important, but what and how have shifted for many folks. Perhaps this indicates how people are changing and adapting, as the church changes and adapts. How do we continue to feed our holy needs, in changed and changing circumstances? 
  • People miss choir, but also it’s not clear whether it’s the highest priority, or that everyone who’s historically participated is ready to return to it. We’ll continue experiments and opportunities with shared song an music-making in the weeks and months ahead. 
  • It’s OK to ask for a home visit or for someone to bring you Communion! Rev. Miranda or another visitor would be glad to make a plan with you. Some people feel reluctant or hesitant, but please ask if it’s something you want. And if you’re willing to visit people – in person or over Zoom – to chat, pray with them, perhaps bring Communion, etc., let Rev. Miranda know. 
  • 94% of respondents felt a high or very high level of trust in parish leadership. 90% feel that they understand the decisions that have been taken about Covid response and mitigation. About 88% feel that their needs and feelings have been heard and considered in that decision-making. 
  • This is good to hear because your leadership have been trying really hard to be worthy of your trust, listen to everyone, make the best decisions we can, and communicate clearly about what and why. We’re glad that that’s coming through. 
  • That said, if you’re one of the folks who is at the lower end on those questions and you need further conversation, please reach out. You can always email .