Covid policy update, May 25, 2023

With the end of the federal Covid public health emergency on May 11, some kinds of Covid tracking and reporting have ended – including the CDC’s Community Level system, which has been the basis for St. Dunstan’s masking policy and week by week recommendations.

Dane County will still maintain a Covid data dashboard, and we will continue to monitor that dashboard and notify the congregation of any notable upswings in Covid or other serious illnesses.

Right now the Vestry will maintain our policy of having masks be optional at 10AM worship, and other in-person events (unless specified otherwise), until and unless conditions warrant a change in policy.

We will also maintain masking for all at the 8AM service. If you attend, or would like to attend, the 8AM service and have thoughts about masking policy at that service, feel free to email  at any time.

Please wear a mask at church if you have symptoms of illness or a recent known Covid exposure. If you have unexplained symptoms consistent with Covid, please consider staying away from in-person worship.

Our parish leadership supports those who choose to wear a mask for any reason. Bear in mind that asking someone why they wear a mask may amount to a request for private medical information. Extend grace to one another and trust that each one is making the decision that is best for them.