New sign project, summer 2023!

Scroll down for photos – but read about the project first! 

UPDATED, JUNE 27: Here’s a new image of the two top colors, according congregational vote – red and black, and blue and black – and also a red and dark brown option. 

Why a new sign? …

The new sign is a lingering project from our 2018-2019 capital campaign and renovation, the Open Door Project. In our campaign documents, we explained, “Guests often tell us it’s difficult to find our driveway. Changes to University Avenue [in 2012] reduced the visibility of our existing sign.” 

The existing two roadside signs are dated in style and difficult to see. The one on the hill doesn’t help with wayfinding at all, since it’s fairly difficult to even see it behind the railings that the city installed in 2012. (There was an open hillside there, previously.) 

Visitors and newcomers tell us that the smaller sign by the driveway is just not big or bold enough to be much help. At best, it confirms that they’re turning into the right place, after navigation software has already brought them here. 

Why move the sign?… 

City code will not allow us to build a new sign where the old signs are. We’ve explored this pretty thoroughly, and there’s simply no wiggle room. The existing signs violate city code, and if we change or update them at all, we have to get rid of them. 

To build anything newer and better, we have to move it back from University Avenue, out of the zone where the city will not allow signage. 

The proposed location won’t tell people where to turn. But it will tell people that they’re entering the campus of St. Dunstan’s Church. With the new apartment building next door, a lot more people turn into our drive now, and a large, attractive sign at this location will help let them know where they are. (It may also discourage parking on the grass there, which has been an issue recently!) 

A sign at this location will also be visible to approaching traffic in the eastbound lane of University – more visible than our existing large sign up on the hill. Many people drive along University every day, so a striking and inviting sign at the new location will still catch peoples’ eyes. 

A few design notes… 

The proposed design doesn’t include any information besides the name of the church. Minimal text, as large as possible, is the best choice for catching the eye of drivers. We find that most people have looked at the website before visiting, so we don’t need to try to add service times or other information to the ground sign.

The sign will be about 12 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and lighted internally for nighttime visibility.

Because there are trees behind the sign, the sign needs some strong colors to stand out and be visible.

Share your feedback!… 

What color do you prefer? 

What else do you notice or wonder about this new sign proposal?