Neighborhood Needs survey

The front of our Neighborhood Needs survey postcard.

As part of our parish’s discernment of a possible capital campaign, we have been asking ourselves and each other where our building constrains or limits us – and what changing the building would free us up to do. We wanted to ask our neighbors for their thoughts, too. So the Neighborhood Needs team, one of our Capital Campaign Discernment teams, designed a simple survey. We printed the survey on a postcard and sent it out to all addresses within a quarter mile of the church – over 200 addresses.  We also put the survey online and invited some local leaders to take it and share their thoughts.

The back of the postcard we mailed out.

We weren’t sure we’d get any responses, since people get so much unsolicited mail, and immediately recycle most of it!  But in addition to seeking input, this was also an opportunity to tell our neighbors a tiny bit about our church, so we took the leap of faith. And we got responses – 25, in the end! And those  who responded seemed really appreciative.

Here is a summary of the responses we received.

1. Here are some ways we might make our space and property available. Please mark the ones that you think would be important additions to the community. Check as many options as you like, or add your own.

Ways to Use Space Number of responses
A space for music classes or lessons 14
A space for family meals, parties, or picnics 11
A space for artists to teach classes or workshops 13
A space for support groups to meet 11
Work space for freelancers 9
A space for community or neighborhood meals 15
Other *see below
  • One person suggests a space to keep immigrants safe.
  • One person says they like the path through the woods. Thanks.
  • All are great ideas – Thanks
  • All are great thoughts/ideas

2. Here are some programs we might offer in future, perhaps in partnership with other organizations. Please mark the ones that you think would be important additions to the neighborhood. Check as many as you like, or add your own.

Possible Future Programs Number of responses
Occasional community gatherings to sing/make music 5
Occasional community meals 10
Regular art or crafting meet-ups for adults, teens, or families 12
A low-cost childcare program 14
Parent support groups or parenting classes 7
Financial wellness classes 10
An edible landscaping demonstration garden/forest 12
Computer literacy classes 14
Other *see below
  • One person suggests craft fairs
  • One person suggests an easy exercise group
  • Thank you for asking us! 3 people
  • Community meals – meet neighbors!
  • Community garden?
  • Some interesting ideas
  • Community information sessions on current events/issues

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St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church