Open Door Project Update – January 2022

To date, the members and friends of St. Dunstan’s have given about $1,162,000 to the Open Door Project. This is a truly impressive accomplishment for a parish of our size! We know that some households are still making payments on extended pledges, so that total is still growing. 

The renovation is completely paid for, and our construction loan is fully paid off. Thanks to those who helped us close out the loan quickly and minimize interest expenses; that was a big help! 

We still have two projects ahead: 

  • New outdoor signage. St. Dunstan’s signage needs repair and updating, and possibly a new location. We are currently working with a sign company and the City of Madison to explore what’s possible. $10,000 is the estimated price for this project, though that may go up, depending on approach and process. 
  • The Community Project Fund. In our original fundraising in 2018, we set an intention of putting $70,000 towards a fund to help develop a new project that would address a local need, and offer our members opportunities to learn, engage, and serve. In the first half of 2022, we plan to gather a group to design a process for the parish to wonder together about how we might best use these funds. 

We currently have about $98,000 in hand to cover these expenses, with more coming in as people continue to make payments. This should be enough to cover both outstanding projects. We won’t make any decisions about any possible surplus until we see how these projects unfold; it’s possible signage will cost more than anticipated, or that we’ll decide as a parish to commit more funds to our Community Project, once we discern what the project is! 

If we do end up with surplus funds, we could use them to replenish parish reserve funds that were used early in the capital campaign process for initial design and consulting fees. That would mean we have some funds in hand for future building, property, or ministry needs. 

We kicked off the fundraising for the Open Door Project not quite four years ago, in May of 2018. Those years have been a demanding season for St. Dunstan’s and for the world. Yet here we are, able to undertake these final pieces of our ambitious project with confidence and hope. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all whose generosity, faith, and vision have made this possible. And may the God who has led us this far continue to guide us onward. 

6205 University Ave., Madison WI

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church