Discipleship Practice: Welcoming

img_6901“We err on the side of acceptance, embrace, and loving.”

– a member 

We follow the example of Jesus Christ through an ongoing, intentional practice of welcome. 

We welcome one another: long-time members and new-this-weeks; elders and infants and everyone in between; those sure of their welcome and those burdened by fear or shame; those familiar with the languages of liturgy and Scripture, and those just beginning this journey.

We welcome whatever people bring with them to church: gifts, concerns, struggles, hopes, new ideas and approaches.

We welcome each and all to contribute their skills and resources, in the faith that if we give and do and share what we can, the total will be what we need.

We practice welcome with the humility to cede the center and accept others’ hospitality too.

6205 University Ave., Madison WI

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church