Discipleship Practices: Abiding

“That’s MY church.” – A child of our parish, every time the family drives past.

We follow the example of Jesus Christ by abiding with one another, patiently building and nurturing a community of trust, solidarity, fidelity, and love, a household of God in which each can feel at home and find encouragement for the work of faithful living. 

We abide with one another by worshipping together, sharing prayer, song, Scripture and sacrament. Our common worship is a source of solace, sustenance, and strength, which equips us to serve God in unity, constancy, and peace.

We abide with one another by cultivating and sustaining friendships across differences of age, circumstance, and conviction, while respecting and learning from our differences.

We abide with one another in all phases of life, embracing children, elders, and everyone in between. We understand our church as particularly called to create a safe and nurturing church home for children and their families.

We abide with one another by taking care of each other, in formal and informal ways, and in good times and bad. We share our struggles and sorrows, and allow our companions in faith to offer the blessing of caring and praying for us.

We practice abiding in the confidence that nurturing this community increases our capacity to practice reconciliation by caring for others and serving Christ in the world.

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St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church