Discipleship Practices: Wondering

IMG_6078“I wonder where you are in the story?” – the Godly Play Sunday school curriculum

We follow the example of Jesus Christ through the practice of shared wondering about Scripture, tradition, and our experiences, and by reflecting on the world in light of God’s purposes. 

We wonder by approaching Scripture and sacraments with curiosity, hope, humility, and humor, and by offering them as invitations into mystery rather than cudgels of certainty. We explore in the confidence that the deep bedrock of grace, love, and transformation is always underfoot.

We wonder together, making room in the community of conversation for a diversity of perspectives, trusting that we hear God’s truth by hearing one another fully.

We wonder together by seeking the meaning of our daily lives in our faith, and seeking the meaning of our faith in our daily lives.

We wonder by daring to experiment and improvise together as a household of faith, and by asking ourselves and each other often about what’s going well, what could be better, and where God is leading us.

We wonder as followers of Jesus who continues to surprise us and invite us deeper. We wonder as a people who love Jesus for his humor, courage, cleverness, and capacity to break open our assumptions.

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