The Arboretum

St. Dunstan’s Memorial Planting was conceived and developed by leadership and members in early decades of the life of St. Dunstan’s Church, as a place which would provide a retreat from the busy, everyday world — a place which would reflect the glory of God’s handiwork, enhance His Church, provide a source of learning to children and adults alike, and provide the congregation with an opportunity for thanksgivings and memorials.

The trees selected are conifers, as most of them provide year-around color. All varieties which can grow in our climate are represented on a little over seven acres.

St. Dunstan’s arboretum is one of the most complete coniferous plantings in the Midwest and is cared for by the congregation. The public is invited to visit during daylight hours.

6205 University Ave., Madison WI

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church