Tanzania 2013

tzcrossFrom July 8 to 22, Rev. Miranda Hassett travelled to Tanzania with Bishop Steven Miller and three other priests of the diocese – the Rev. Paula Harris, of St. Luke’s, Madison; the Rev. Oswald Bwechwa, of St. Martin’s, Brown Deer; and Canon David Pfaff of the Bishop’s staff. Our purpose was to meet with Bishop Oscar Mnung’a of the Diocese of Newala, Tanzania, as a first big step in developing a new companion diocese relationship. Bishop Oscar uses the phrase “diosisi rafiki” – “friend diocese”! It was a great trip and we look forward to developing our “friend diocese” relationship over the months and years ahead.

Here are some of Rev. Miranda’s notes from the trip, for you to enjoy!  Photos are at the end of the written entries. Read more about our developing companion diocese relationship, and watch some videos about our trip, at our new diocesan site! 


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