Fellowship & Learning

We are called as God’s people not only to worship – not only to serve – not only to care for one another – but also to learn and grow in faith. Episcopalians are an inquiring people; we enjoy big ideas and big questions, and we’re not afraid of doubts or mysteries. We use the phrase “Christian Formation” for all the areas of our church’s life in which we are learning, growing, seeking, and sharing – because the point of it all is to be formed, ever more fully, as God’s people.

Some of our Christian Formation programs are for kids, some are for grownups, some are for everybody all together. Some of them meet regularly throughout the year; some are seasonal or one-time events. Follow the links under the “Seeking and Learning” header to learn more about some of our programs, and check our Announcements on the left sidebar to see what’s coming up soon.

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St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church