A COVID-19 Spiritual Survival Course

This page is for those who’d like to follow along with the ChurchNext.tv course “A COVID-19 Spiritual Survival Course” and share comments and reflections within our church community.

Find and register for the course here. It’s free. You will need to create an account, but they won’t ask anything personal.

The course consists of four short videos (5 – 6 minutes each) and some discussion & integration questions for each course.  The course anticipates that you’ll share reflections in their discussion space; you can certainly do that, but you’re also invited to share here, as a discussion among members and friends of St. Dunstan’s.

Over the next few weeks, you’re invited to watch & reflect on one video a week.

But first: Let’s begin by getting acquainted. (This is also where the ChurchNext course begins.) Please read the Introduction on the course page (once you’ve registered) to orient you to what we’ll be doing. Then use the comment box below to share a little about yourself (whatever level is comfortable is fine – bear in mind this page is visible to the public), any particular prayer requests you’d like us to carry with you, and anything you’d like to share about your current concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

To wonder: Where might Christ meet us in our concerns, struggles and fears?

When you have finished with introductions, you can go ahead to the next step – the first video & topic, “Rhythm.” 

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