Fellowship & friendship

It’s wonderful to come to church and be greeted by smiles on familiar faces. But it’s even more wonderful to really get to know the people behind some of those faces – to know their stories, their struggles and hopes; and to have a chance to share yours, in turn. At St. Dunstan’s we have many opportunities to get to know one another better, and weave the fabric of our common life more tightly, so that we are better able to laugh together in times of joy, share our burdens in times of trouble, and do God’s work in the world side by side. Here are some of the regular opportunities at St. Dunstan’s to connect with others and share our journeys.

Call the church office at (608) 238-2781 or use our Contact link to check on upcoming dates for any of these gatherings.

Spirituality & Parenting lunches: On the second Sunday of most months, parents of all ages & stages are invited to share a simple meal and conversation. We check in, discuss a topic, and share any struggles or questions with a friendly group of peers. Our kids range from infants to adults, but we share the journey of being parents and we find comfort and support in our time together. All are welcome! Child care and food are provided.

Meet-Ups at the Vintage: Once a month (usually the third Sunday evening), the younger adults of St. Dunstan’s, and their friends or partners, are invited to gather at the Vintage brewpub on south Whitney Way. Over beverages and snacks, we chat about what’s going on in our lives and in the world, and bounce around some thoughts about the intersection of faith, popular culture, and everyday life. Twenty-, thirty-, and forty-somethings are welcome.

The Sandbox: Every Thursday evening at 5:30, a group gathers for simple evening worship and a shared meal. We take turns leading worship, and there’s scope to be playful and creative here – sometimes we do a very simple Evening Prayer service, with guitar music, Scripture, and shared reflection; sometimes we build a mansion using old cookie boxes, crayons, and hot glue – or play music-and-rhythm games – or paint with watercolors. We always try to share our heart-stories and soul-questions; we always pray together; and we always wind up chatting over the supper table. The Sandbox folk would love to welcome you, if you’d like to come try it out.

Ladies’ Night Out: Once a month on a Friday evening, a group of the women of St. Dunstan’s meet up at a restaurant for good food and lively conversation.

Book Groups: St. Dunstan’s has two long-running book groups, which both happily welcome new members. The Wednesday morning women’s book group meets at 9:30am. The group chooses a book together and reads along, a few chapters every week, then gathers for snacks and lively conversation that sometimes even has to do with the book. The Monday evening book group meets monthly in a parishioner’s home to discuss an entire book, read during the previous month.

Fellowship Dinners: This fall, several St Dunstan’s households are hosting fellowship dinners. All you have to do, if you’d like to attend, is sign up – show up – eat and chat!  Call the office (238-2781) to see if there are spaces available in any upcoming dinners – or consider hosting a meal yourself, in the future!

St Dunstan’s Explorers: This eclectic group gathers once a month to explore our questions – big and small – about the church, the Bible, Anglicanism, and more. Doubt, friendly disagreement, mystery, and unanswered (unanswerable?) questions are welcome here.

6205 University Ave., Madison WI