The Sandbox


What is The Sandbox? How does it work? …. 

Come at 5:30. If you come a little earlier, you can help set up and get acquainted before we begin. We gather with singing and introductions, then sit together in a circle of chairs in our worship space.

Don’t worry about changing out of your work clothes; come as you are. Don’t worry about making supper at home; food is provided. Let Rev. Miranda know if you have special dietary needs. 

Each week a different member of the community chooses our Scripture, and shares a reflection on that Scripture or its theme – something from our real lives and real thoughts, not a formal, scholarly “sermon.” We are often invited to share our own reactions and reflections. Sometimes we draw.

Don’t worry about being asked to share; nobody has to speak.  Don’t worry about “your turn” to lead worship; volunteer if and when you want. 

We pray together. We sing more, sometimes a lot. Our friend Chris plays the guitar with us most weeks, which is pretty cool. We sing some familiar stuff in new ways, and some new stuff that becomes familiar.

Don’t worry about knowing the songs; we’re learning together. 

We close our worship and re-group in the Gathering Area, where we serve ourselves soup, bread, and cheese. We share conversation over our simple meal – sometimes the comfortable everyday stuff, sometimes deeper stuff that our worship stirred up. We often talk a little about what we experienced and noticed in worship, and what we would like to try again – or not.

Don’t worry about not knowing people; we are all getting to know each other – that’s part of the point.  Don’t worry about bringing something for supper. You’re welcome to bring some fruit or cheese if you want to contribute,  but the meal will be there. You can sign up to bring soup on a future date if you want to. 

We sing a closing song, tidy up, and say goodnight. We end at around 7pm, in time to get kids home to bed, do the laundry, catch your prime-time TV, or read a few chapters of a good book.

Don’t worry whether your kids are welcome. There are always books, art supplies and toys on hand. And since the Sandbox is a flexible, open way of worship, we look for ways to accommodate the folks who want to be there.  

If this sounds like it might fit your week and feed your heart… Come and try it out. 

6205 University Ave., Madison WI

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church