What Members Say

If you’re exploring our church, you may wonder what our members like about St. Dunstan’s. Here are a few responses to that question. These quotations  come from our Fall 2014 Giving Campaign. As part of the campaign, several members of St. Dunstan’s spoke to the congregation about why St. Dunstan’s matters to them.

“I love the people here. I believe a lot of good work is done here. And St. Dunstan’s is my spiritual home.” – Mary

“What does St. Dunstan’s mean to me? It is my church. It is my community. It is my family. And it is the place where I want my son to grow up. A year ago today, at the 10:00 service, we pledged to do all in our power to support Gabriel in his life in Christ. And I trust St. Dunstan’s with this charge. You are already living these words—thank you. Though our attendance may be spotty at times (church really messes with morning naps), St. Dunstan’s is home. And I am grateful to be raising my son in a community of people of all ages who love Christ and live His love in our world.”  – Kendra

“I came to St. Dunstan’s looking for a good sermon. A good sermon, for me, is one that reassures me that God will be with me, supporting and protecting me through the rough spots in life, and helps me leave church feeling  confident that God will give me the strength and guidance she needs. I found what I came for, and then so much more: a minister with a sense of humor, and a very special congregation – special because of our great warmth and hospitality, our love of beauty combined with practicality, our inclusiveness, and our compassion for the wider world, shown in our outreach giving and the many ways we serve others, together and individually.”  – Evie

“When we had our babies, many people brought us food. It was hard for me to get the hang of taking care of a baby and the meals really helped a lot.  Sometimes I worry that my children are  a bit disruptive in church. But we are made to feel welcome as we are – and several people frequently help me wrangle the kids. It is a huge help. And I am grateful that we are accepted just as we are – late, wandering around, and noisy…. I’m also proud that our congregation does so much to help others. It feels really good to know that our church is able to make a significant difference. There are so many outreach ministries that we support, and I’m sure there are others that I don’t even know about. As a whole, the people of St. Dunstan’s do so much more than any one person or family could possibly do…. I love the people here. I believe a lot of good work is done here. And St. Dunstan’s is my spiritual home.” – Mary

“I find God in a lot of places – in the woods; looking out a plane window. So I’ve been surprised by how much a particular physical building can mean to me. This place has a lot of meaning for me in terms of family history – four decades of weddings, funerals, and most recently, the baptisms of my two sons. All that history can add up and give a real sense of being at home.” – John

“When I was about thirteen, I attended a Happening retreat for Episcopal youth. I wasn’t very confident in myself at the time; I worried about what other kids thought about me.  Jesus tells us, Love God, love your neighbor, love yourself. What I learned at my Happening retreat is those three loves are connected. Other people showed me God’s love, and I loved God more,  and I loved other people more, and I loved myself more, too. After that, I didn’t worry so much about what other people thought about me. I knew that God loved me and that my friends in God’s family loved me, with that unconditional love. And nothing could ever change that. I went on to be a helper and a leader at a lot of Happenings. And eventually, a LONG time later, I became a priest, which is pretty different, but not all the way different. Just like at Happening, at church we try to be a place where people know they’ll find God’s love in the love of other people, even when the rest of their life feels pretty rotten. That’s why church matters to me; because I found that, and I want everybody else to find it too.”  – Rev. Miranda

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