Who was St. Dunstan?

dunstanglastonburyclassbookDunstan was a 10th-century English monk and bishop, who was a leading figure of his time and was deeply involved in the civic, religious, and cultural rebirth of England after some dark and violent decades. Read more about him at these links:

May 19: Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, 988

Saint Dunstan of Canterbury – Archbishop and Statesman

And for more detail and a bit more scholarship, here’s the Wikipedia page. 

You could also learn about Dunstan by watching this 20-minute play we put together in May of 2020!

The image at the top of this post is from the Glastonbury Classbook, an Anglo-Saxon religious text that may well have been written (and drawn) in part by Dunstan himself. He is said to have been an artist and craftsman, and known to have been a writer of manuscripts. It is possible that the monk kneeling at the feet of Christ is a self-portrait by Dunstan’s own hand.

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