Your First Time


Welcome! It’s wonderful that you’re here. Please feel free to ask the people around you if you need help finding your way around or finding your place in our worship.

Please consider signing our guestbook, in the gathering area near the entrance to the church, to let us know you’ve been here and how we can serve you.

What happens on a Sunday morning?

Sit anywhere – nobody has “set” seats – and get comfortable. If your household includes children, pick up some coloring pages and books on the way into church, and feel free to check out the quiet play area in the back, near the fireplace. Children are welcome to attend Sunday school (on the second and third Sundays of every month) or make themselves at home in our nursery.

The worship booklet and your neighbors can help guide you through our worship services.

At the 10am service, we sing some songs; at the 8am service, we honor God with quietness.

What happens in our worship services? …

We read from the Bible. The preacher shares some thoughts on the morning’s texts; we listen, and pursue our own reflections.

We pray for each other, for the world, for the things that are on our minds and in our hearts.

We listen to the story of Jesus’ sharing a holy meal with his friends, on the night before he died for us. The celebrant raises the bread and wine, standing at the altar beneath the carved image of the resurrected Jesus, coming forth from the tomb.

We gather at the altar rail as a family of faith – everybody welcome! – and share the body and blood of Christ, given for us.

We pray. We sing! We are sent forth into the world, to love and serve the Lord. Thanks be to God! 

Finally, we meet in the gathering area for Coffee Hour, a time to share drinks, refreshments, and most importantly, conversation!

6205 University Ave., Madison WI

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church